Our firm is located in Adel’s historic railroad depot, commonly known as “The Old Depot.”  This beautiful and unique structure was built for the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad in 1906. The railroad provided passenger service through Adel until 1952.

From 1952 until 1993, the building served a variety of purposes. In 1993, Kevin Rice refurbished the building for use as an upscale restaurant, which he operated in conjunction with a brewery located across the bike trail. Our law firm remodeled the historic old building in 2000 for offices, and completed another remodeling project in 2010.  Despite these updates, the building retains its historic and unique character.

Our conference room offers a panoramic view of the popular Des Moines to Panora bike trail. The former brewery and glove factory now houses Adel’s city hall, and Adel’s new library recently opened next to city hall.

Did you know?

We are so proud of the Old Depot’s heritage that we re-envisioned our firm’s logo using the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad logo as the basis.

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